Calendar of Events

New Zealand has historically been a strong contender at clay target shooting. As can be seen from some of the gallery photos, it is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by parents and their children as well as husband and wife.

The club offers a friendly, supportive environment in which to shoot whether to a highly competitive level or simply coming out to have some time away.

The club practices strict but sensible safety rules which are simply common sense. As a result we have never had an accident on the field which results in such a safe and supportive environment.

Many people have been introduced to the sport through either corporate events or simply a bunch of friends getting together for a new experience, resulting in them going on to shoot as a hobby.

Opening Times:
Saturdays - Practice from 10am (DTL, Skeet, ISSF Trap).
Wednesdays - Practice from 10am.
Every second Sunday - Club Competition.

Note: Practice traps (Skeet or DTL) will be available for those not wishing to shoot the advertised programme.
The club reserves the right to alter the programme.